• Aftermarket wheels

    The Ultimate wheel store

    We carry all the top brands of wheels. Everything from rims for hot rods to trucks and luxury cars like BMW, Mercedes Benz, and more. If we do not have it in stock we can get it for you.

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  • New and Used Tires

    Quality with affordable prices

    We sell used and new tires. We also repair flats and
    other common tire issues. C & M Tire and Wheel Co.
    is a full service experienced wheels and tire shop.

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  • Emission tests in El Paso

    TX vehicle inspection station

    We are an Official Vehicle Inspection Station for the State of Texas. Motorcyle inspections, car inspections, truck or SUV... Whatever your ride is, here you can get your inspection sticker.

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  • Tires and wheels Sale

    Committed to low prices

    Not a fan of overpriced tires? Neither are we! So grab
    your keys and drive on over. Check out our low prices on
    tires, custom rims, and aftermarket wheels.

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  • No Hidden cost. No Games.

    Just a fast, honest and accurate price quote
    Please call us or use the contact form.

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Tires Shop and Vehicle Inspection Station

(915) 590-8509 Located at 10009 Montana Ave - El Paso, TX 79925