Our Automotive Services

We offer tires from respected and very trusted brands like Bridgestone, Michelin®, Firestone, Continental, Goodyear, BFGoodrich®, plus many more. Our large choice of professional automotive services consist of wheel alignments, flat tire repair, brakes service, and more.

State Inspection Station

Texas registered vehicles are required to receive an annual inspection. Many people leave this for the last minute. There are two typical scenarios: One - You planned to get your car inspection or Two- Your plates are expired and need it done yesterday... either way you can depend on us for a professional state inspection for your truck, motorcycle, or car.

Flat Tire Repair in El Paso

Our company only hires responsible employees who can do a quality job. Our automotive specialists can use a car tire patch to fix your tire. Sometimes that is not possible for a variety of reasons. If a new tire is needed we can quickly swap your old tire with a new tire designed to fit your car manufacturers specifications.

Wheel Balancing

An adequately well balanced wheel can make a stunning and flawless counterpart to a new tire. We do wheel balancing in El Paso, TX. This is successfully done by inserting calculated lead weights on the other side of the position causing an imbalance - thereby balancing the rim.

Tire Rotation

Leading wheels over a front-wheel drive car or truck speed up, maneuver, and support braking your vehicle much more than your rear tire pair. The front auto tires have a tendency to degrade more quickly than backed auto tires. Generally backside tires last double than that of the front tires. Most auto experts and vehicle manufacturers propose you exchange all 4 car tires concurrently. Rotating your auto tires helps to ensure even wear and tear on each of the four tires.

Fix TPMS issues

Is your Tire Pressure Monitoring System light on? We can help. The majority of the time the TPMS light indicates issues that can easily be fixed when addressed promptly. Pretty much the TPMS electronically watches air pressure within your four tires. Dependant upon your car or truck, this light indicator (similar to the check engine light) reports the tire-pressure details. If a warning is left unattended it can become costly to fix and in many circumstances dangerous too.

Brake Service

We provide fast professional brake services. We can help you with brake replacement and scheduled maintenance. Bring in your car or truck if you hear your brakes squeaking. We can work on disc brakes, parking brakes, drum brakes and more.

Oil Changes

Maintain your automobile working and in excellent shape with regularly scheduled oil changes. According to auto's condition, selecting the right time to do an oil change may makel a significant difference on how long it will last you. Additionally, well maintained vehicles with maintenance records appraise higher.

From Oil Changes to Tire roation and flat tire repair - We are your one stop shopping tire store.

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  • Tire Rotations
  • Brake Service
  • Oil Change
  • Texas vehicle inspections
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